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The worldwide demands for digital printing are rising every minute!

Offset Group understands its clients and always seeks to address their needs in the best possible way. That's why the company invested in a high-quality digital printing machine, HP Indigo, considered by many to be the leader in the digital market.

Together with the full color digital print, we can offer the following extras based on HP Indigo 5500:

• Personalization and numbering of printed products
• Pantone simulation through six-color printing
• Digital printing with white ink
• Anti-counterfeit by microtext and invisible UV inks (red)
• Option to print on thicker substrates - 400 g / m2
• Perfect color registration with Oneshot technology


Take a look at our portfolio of print products and services based on HP Indigo Digital Print:

Print Materials and Marketng Colaterals

Security Print

Folding Packaging and Boxes

Print Finishing Services and Effects


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