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Рекламните материали са ключов фактор при изграждането на добър маркетинг, особено в хотелиерския бизнес. Ето защо, Aparthotel Lucky Bansko се довериха на нашия богат опит при изработването на рекламни материали и заедно създадохме впечатляващи печатни продукти, с които постигнахме не само положително влияние върху имиджа на хотела, но и предадохме желаното послание към техните клиенти.

Печатница Офсет Груп може да Ви помогне и с изработването на различни видове рекламни печатни материали като премиум брошури и корпоративни каталози и сертификати, с високо качество и впечатляващ външен вид.

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You will always get your order on time, sometimes even quicker!

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Our unique selling points in a nutshell:

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Our story is our herritage built by family to help families

Our unique selling points in a nutshell

About us:

Offset Group is a leading packaging supplier, operating on the European Market since 1993. Our production facility is based in Sofia, Bulgaria, with Sales offices in the UK, Germany and France.

We are committed to supply our clients with the latest trends in the premium and sustainable packaging.

Our convenient location and great expertise allows us to offer our customers the Holy Trinity in the packaging supply chain – top quality, combined with attractive prices and prompt lead-times. This is the reason why we are the preferred packaging supplier to one of the most fascinating brands in Europe like Bayer, Nestle, Harrods, Ted Baker, Harvey Nichols etc.

Together with the big players on the market, we work closely with many small enterprises and start-ups across Europe, operating in the field of confectionary and cosmetics. This is why we are able to provide our premium and sustainable packaging solutions to wider range of clients and markets.

Because of our versatile, high-technology production setup, we can be of help to clients with huge volumes and on the other hand to customers with small starting series and test projects.

Long story short – give us a try, you’ll be amazed!