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Using the precision of micro-engraved brass molds, we offer microrelief print with holographic foils which will better identify, customize, and protect your product with focus on the detail.

  • Innovative Microrelief technology

    foiling with microrelief engraved molds

  • Unique Textures and Security Elements

    copyright Protection through microrelief

  • Short Lead Times

    2 to 5 working days

  • Livraison rapide - DHL, UPS, FedEx

    5-7 jours ouvrables dans toute l'Europe

Suitable for

Protection of books, product packaging, labels

Anti-counterfeit Applications

Copyright Protection through microlief molds - the molds can be applied with holographic foil on books, certificates, product packaging, securities

Technical Specifications

- max mold size: 300mm х 250mm

- min mold size: 50mm х50mm

- working files: jpg, eps, pdf, stl

- hot foiling films: holographic

Machining specifications:

Machine speed: 4000 sheets per hour

Sheet size, max. 640 x 900 mm

Sheet size, min. 290 x 450 mm

Paper grammar: 70 gsm to 600 gsm

Gripper: 2 cm

Application: one side / double side