Bio Packaging

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Bio Packaging

Production of innovative packaging from bio-degradable paper and cardboard, recycled cardboard as well as FSC certified. Quality print...

  • Innovations in environmental protection

    100% bio-degradable packaging materials

  • Opportunity for Small Launching Series

    HP Indigo Digital Print

  • Short Lead Times

    5 to 10 working days

  • Fast Delivery - DHL, UPS, FedEx

    5-7 working days all across Europe

Suitable for:

bio food products, bio-cosmetics

Printing effects

white ink, hot stamping, embossing, biodegradable mat laminate

Available Forms

Packaging design

Need a special design? Please, have a look at our portfolio of packaging designs developed by us for our customers.

Environmental protection

Offset Group is strongly committed to the environmental protection! The company constantly invests in innovative production and adheres to international standards such as ISO 14001:2015 and FSC.